Biomedical Cybernetics

Synonym: Systeomics
Chinese: 系统生物学
French: Biologie des systèmes
German: Systembiologie, Systeomik
Italian: Biologia dei sistemi
Japanese: システム生物学

Systems biology aims at a systems level understanding of control and regulation processes in a living organism. As a transdisciplinary research field it integrates methods from systems theory, biology, biochemistry, medicine, mathematics, physics, technology and computer science.

Systems biology views organisms as integrated and interacting networks of genes, proteins, control circuits, communication processes and biochemical reactions which give rise to life. Its subject is to understand and model metabolic processes of living systems in several organizational levels like cell, tissue, organ and body, in a qualitative and quantitative manner.

Emphasis of systems biology is focused on interactions among components of the organism that are viewed as part of one system. Common methods are mathematical modeling and computer simulations ("in silico").


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