Biomedical Cybernetics
0th order feedback control

Information processing structure of a simple feedback control system

Synonyms: Processing structure, intercausal net
German: Wirkungsgefüge

An Information processing structure (IPS) is a model for regulatory and communication processes in complex and dynamic systems. The model may be represented in a linguistic manner, graphically or mathematically, and it may be described on a qualitative or a quantitative level.


Examples for processing structures in living organisms are feedback mechanisms, antagonistic redundancy and lateral inhibition.

Subfields of cybernetics dealing with processing structures[]

Characterising, modelling and simulation of information processing structures are subjects of systems theory. Biomedical diktyology searches for motifs as representation for processing structures in complex networks.

Mathematical description and modelling[]

Common methods for describing the relation among structure and behaviour of information processing structures are:

Additionally, the behaviour of an IPS may be studied with simulative methods (in silico modelling).