Biomedical Cybernetics

Biomedical Cybernetics is an innovative scientific approach that aims in a deeper understanding of function and development of complex living systems. It covers mathematical and structural description of information processing in organisms and ecosystems. Biomedical cybernetics covers two essentially intertwined sub-fields, biological and medical cybernetics.

Subject of biological cybernetics is investigating navigational principles that are essential for survival of organisms. Being understood in the broadest possible sense the term "organism" covers all possible scales ranging from single organelles to the biosphere.

Medical Cybernetics searches for quantitative descriptions of physiological dynamics primarily in the intact, but beyond also in the diseased organism in order to gain new insights into the principles of life and its perturbations (systems medicine) and to gather evidence based foundations for clinical decision making.

Results of this kind of research are applied in different fields like ecology, medicine or biotechnology.

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